Naturellement Sacré

Exhibition at the Abbey of Sorde, in Aquitaine (France). Seven in situ interventions and an audiovisual performance.


My contribution to Exposed, a collective visual research project, highlighting urban and social mutations of Milan connected to Expo 2015 event.


Collection of natural formations found on my walks. Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon in which a vague and random stimulus is perceived as significant.


Series of imprints engraved by rust of iron dust, arranged along magnetic fields.


A live media played with musician Attila Faravelli exploring mathematical concepts of correlation and convolution in audiovisual phenomenons.


(land)moves generates a representation of an ever evolving artificial planet according to the qualities of user’s gesture.


A dynamic artwork in which meteorological data from several locations across the globe are interrelated in chain reaction cycles and visualized by kinetic elements.


Ready-made rusted plate involving corrosion by water and oxygen over a long period of time.


Link is a ludic interactive artwork entwining physical and virtual experiences. It consists of three parts: the Creation Desk, the Playground and the Eden of the Avatars.


Geo is an evolving live media exploring the geometries of our environments. It’s an long term project, planned to be a trilogy: Liquid Traces, Solid Matters, Air Flows.

Ad Occhi Socchiusi

With our eyes half-closed our perception become audio-tactile; favoring the awareness of the body, the presence of our selves and the wakefulness of being.


“Look at the thousands of bubbles that rise tight to the glass as pearls seething on the surface, they are the volatile spirits eagerly leaving their physical prison”

Squaring the Circle

Circular waves become a squared grid when contained in a box.