My personal often collaborative work takes the form of interactive installations, live media, video and recently land art, engravings and photography. I’ve been working with musicians, theatre directors and choreographers, to the design and the production of audiovisual interactive artworks.

After my last choral project Naturellement Sacrè in 2015 I decided to orient my artistic activity to stick with the most fundamental lesson I learnt so far: care for the Earth, care for the people, share the resources (along to permacultural principles).

So it’s been a few years I’m working hard with friends to renovate few houses that share some fields surrounded by wood. As a community, our aim is to launch a cultural center promoting artistic, artisanal and agricultural sustainable practices. To keep in balance with our environment we are growing food while restoring this gently anthropized outpost in the natural lands; biolake and geodesic greenhouses are soon to come real.

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