Artworks can be collected with two forms of ownership

as a unique physical artefact produced, numbered and signed on demand

as a digital artwork with its own certificate of uniqueness (NFT / Non-Fungible Token) on clean blockchains

In some cases, namely engravings or photographies, both options are available

All funds from artworks sales will support project Muschio.


Géometriés du Sacrè selected for exhibition Through My Eyes.

DoinGud project devolves part of the proceeds to social and environmental causes.


Geo and Intercorre have been selected by Art.Army curators for an upcoming curated exhibition on visual music. Meanwhile few stills from Intercorre will be soon available (mid-May).


Few Disegnetici are proposed on Artano, a sensible NFT project on Cardano blockchain.


Project Pareidolia is showcased on Showtime, a slick social network for artists and collectors.