Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit, from nothing nothing comes, is a live media issued from a year of work by a team of composers and visual artists on the theme of “Creation”.

Oscillating between scientific and mythological perspective, the live media opens with a reference to Genesis, in the beginning was the verb, the vibration, the sound. The observation of cimatics and microscopic phenomena leads to the suggestion of the three symbols, mostly shared by Earth’s people cosmologies: the water, the mountain and the tree.

Some complex biological forms then progressively gain structure, until the birth of Man. Subsequently, the unfolding of the symbolic dimension introduces man in the cultural and spiritual sphere.

Over saturation of symbols brings the viewer to the myth of Babel and the loss of dialogue between cultures. The journey looks for salvation through the contemplation of the Cosmos, where several elements of the past reappear. The future has ancient roots.

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