Live Media in collaboration with Duncan Pinhas. In between science and contemplation Geo aims to give an immersive and meditative representation of three ecospheres of our planet: hydrosphere, lithosphere and atmosphere.

Geo is a trilogy drafted to confront substances in their natural states with the interactions mankind has with them, so that natural forces are confronted to mastering work employed by humans.

The concerts are drafted as an exploration of micro and macro landscapes created with matters recorded in specific environments. The destination of the journey is an imaginary land where natural and artificial geometries merge into hybrid patterns.

Time-based manipulation and amplification of recorded matters evokes a physical sensations allowing abstract geometries to acquire a personal meaning. The project stimulate a reflection about the environment that we inhabit, alternating lulling and uncomfortable moments.

Geo, Opus I – Liquid Traces

This preliminary work is focused on liquid matters which fluidity suggests, in some of its forms, the ever mutating flow of things (Panta Rei) as well as the traces these flow leave.

Geo, Opus II – Solid Matters

The second opus focuses on the crusty mantle of our planet such as natural stone and human made concrete, on which cutting and arranging movements are opposed to ageing and breaking.

Geo, Opus III – Air Flows

The air we breath comes a long way before to enter our lungs. This chapter is planned to be produced in near future.

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