Audiovisual installation that invites to meditation. The circular projection on the ceiling offers an animated representations of the sacred symbols from the Abbeys of Pays d’Orthe, while a circle of chaises longues offers a comfortable point of view. The narrative follows two dynamics: one of evolution, from the rocks of the environment to the carved stones; one of involution, from symbols representing humans, animals and plants, to interwoven abstract shapes, whose kaleidoscopic reflections are reminiscent of mandalas as well as rose windows.

In resonance with geometric shapes, a composition is broadcasted over six loudspeakers. It is a composition of meditative musical motifs with a regional imprint: the bagpipe by Yan Cozian, the hurdy-gurdy by Simon Guillaumin and the Dauna Jupeta choir. The sounds of natural materials are punctuated and then associated with instrumentation, which gradually levitate in repetitive frames of light.

Part of Naturellement Sacré, two-year project for the festival Ondes et Lumières, Aquitaine.

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