(land)moves is a project developed in collaboration with Marco Liuni (music) e Bruno Zamborlin (gesture analysis). It consists of an interactive system which relates user’s gestures to the evolving landscape they have in front.

The system generates a representation of an artificial planet where the experience of time is set by cycles of days and nights. The morphology of the land vary according to the qualities of user’s movements. These firstly relates to a reactive flock of polygons which flies over the land.

Sounds are associated to visual events in order to create a symbolic yet surrealistic meaning. Twittering metallic polygons defies gravity while seismic evolutions shape the land. Wind blows constantly on this world as the guitar restitutes the flavor this electric landscape.

The explicit influence that movements have on the morphology of the territory is intended as a suggestion of the direct link human beings have with their environment.

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