Link is a project by Giorgio Partesana and Hanna Husberg. The production has been funded by Kulturfundet (Finland) and supported by Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts de Paris (France), Nicephore Cité (France) and ACROE (France).

Link is a ludic interactive artwork entwining physical and virtual experiences. It consists of three parts: the Creation Desk, the Playground and the Eden of the Avatars.At the Creation Desk the participant creates an avatar, a visual representation of himself, modeling it with the voice. The sample is recorded and will be used as raw material to generate a personal soundscape.In the Playground, a maximum of three people can play together through (and with) their avatars. Modulating their respective distances the avatars will link and unlink themselves, generating a personal soundscape according to their movements. Everyone can hear others voices.The Eden of the Avatars is an extension of the physical experience. It is a virtual world populated by the avatars of former participants. Here they survive for a limited period of time and, moving as their owners moved, evolve in a virtual dynamic network. The Eden of the Avatars is only visual, the sound experience being personal, subjective and limited to the physical experience.

Aesthetics of Interactivity

The experience is immersive but social and unbounded. Participants are immersed in the light of the projection of their avatars which follow them like shadows and interact with their movements.Users wear wireless headphones (equipped with a light motion capture device) which allows them to move freely modulating their own soundscape (based on their vocal sample) and to interact with the others sending and receiving sounds particles.The experience can be personal while opened to the external world, audio and visual elements, beside glances and smiles, are exchanged in between participants.

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